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Education Astrology


Education of a native in Astrology is determined from the 2nd, the 4th , the 5th and the 9th house.

From the 2nd house, we can determine the native’s early childhood studies i.e., the developing stages and abilities to express.If the planets like Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter or any of these four combination would make a person equipped in the Vedic or ancient scriptures and the combination of Sun-Mercury-Venus make ‘Buddha-Aditya Yoga’. But, if there are any malefic planets present in the 2nd  house like Saturn, Rahu or Mars then early childhood education will have problems to achieve or may not able to achieve.

From 4th house, we can determine the learning capability of the native and also the emotional attachments.If Venus and Mercury are placed in the 4th house, it gives interest in government and politics. While planets like Sun and Jupiter gives philosophical studies, malefic planets in the 4th house makes it hard for the native to comprehend things while studying. Planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu gives very difficult results during high school.


The 5th house, the most important house, determines the native’s intelligence, cleverness, dedication and skill, which shows that the native will be able to take higher education or not. It also determines the success in educational field.If Mercury, Moon or Jupiter is in this house, there is always a good impact. But Venus or other malefic planet, like Saturn or Rahu, sitting or aspecting the 5thhouse or 11th house will give negative impact on education.Its gives lots of trouble in education and may cause delays in education too.


From 9th house, we can determine the higher education, the post grade or graduation degree like Masters or more. It is the house of higher education. The 9th house is ruled by Jupiter, so it gives exposure to religious sentiments and devotions, spirituality, science etc.



It has been seen that an engineer is usually havingconjunction or aspects of Mercury, Mars and Rahuor Mercury, Mars and Ketu.


The right choice of education is the main cause of a person’s achievement, so if anyone has any confusion in choosing his/her education then he/she should consult to an astrologer as can be properly guided.




There are so many other factors relates to Education Astrologywhich I will provide in due course……….

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