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Career Astrology


Time is everything, time wasted is same as money wasted. Money goes and comes but not time. So, if you fail to take right decision at the right time of your career, it would be difficult to achieve your goals in life. Astrology services have become a guideline in today’s competitive world. Career astrology deals with problems, obstacles, losses and uncertainties. It helps you to take correct decision at the correct time, which saves you time, money and effort.For choosing a career in business, native should know the influences of the planetary positions which determine his/her ups  and downs.


The 1st house is equally important as 10th house to determine your career. The 10th house is called the house of ‘Action’ or ‘Karma’.  Here, I will explain the 10th house and its Lord to assess career influences. If 10th house is favourable then the native may be in government jobs holding administrative posts, success comes with little effort, political gains, earns name and fame etc. The main contribution of any planet in terms of career gain is because of Sun and Moon, they will often find expression in the career. Sun gives power to politicians, government servants, leaders.


Astrology can also indicate when career advances and setbacks are the most. Analysing the transits and planetary dashas, we can determine favourable results and overcome the difficulties. If the planets are placed weak, then success does not come in easily in job or business. But if the planets are well placed, then life will become easy for the native and success will come to door steps.

There are so many other factors related to Career Astrology which I will provide in due course……….

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