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Saturn Sade Sati



Shani Sade Sati:

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Meaning:  Sade-Sati is the 7.5 years long period of Saturn (Shani) which gives unusual distress to the native during the period. Sade means half and Sati means seven and hence the name. It is a very scared word in astrology and makes the native to face challenges.

Saturn transits in three cycles and enter the zodiac sign. It goes through 12th, 1st& 2nd house from the moon sign.  Saturn stays for 2.5 years in each sign of the zodiac.

Sade Sati is one of the malefic effect which may give personal stress and financial loses, tension, troubles, obstacles to stop the native etc. It is said that in Sade Sati period brings undesirable results, but actually this is not the case. The impact of Sade Sati is felt differently by people of different moon signs based on individual’s chart. It is said that people of Moon sign Aquarius do not have any ill effects from Sade Sati, while people of Moon sign Leo feel the most impact.



First cycle of Sade-sati generally affects own relatives. The second cycle influences the professional life as well as the career or business, and the third cycle affects social life, child, physical suffering etc.

In the first phase when Lord Shani enters the 12th from zodiac sign Moon, it remains for 2.5years. It generally indicates financial loss(throws its 3rd aspect on the 2nd house), problems by hidden enemies (throws its 7th aspect on the 6th house), aimless travel, disputes, and poverty. During this period, you may face problems created by your hidden enemies and can also cause harm to the father of native. It is recommended to avoid long distance travel.


In the Second Cycle, Saturn transits in 1sthouse for 2.5 years, it affects the native himself in domestic/martial life (7th aspect on 7th house) and professional fields(10th aspect on 10th house). Generally this phase of Saturn is the most difficult one. You will find it difficult to achieve success in this period because Saturn will be aspecting in 7th /10thhouse which will create health problems, disturbed married life, unexpected problem in professional life, alter the thinking process.  All this happens if Saturn is extremely malefic in the birth chart.


During the Third Cycle, Saturn transits in the 2nd house from Moon. It indicates difficulty on financial and own relational life (it is often a long life of struggling in intimate relationships.). It may incur heavy expenditure, loss of health, unhappy domestic life (aspect on 4th house), enemy problems, physical distress or even death to the native. But during this phase, you will start experiencing positive signs after the first two cycles, but problems will not get exhausted.


Vedic Indian astrology prescribes certain remedies and mantras that can be recited to please the Lord Saturn and reduce the effect of Saturn’s Sade Sati.Saturn is not always a bad planet. Proper analyse of the birth chart must be given before concluding that Sade Sati.

More about Saturn Sade Sati will be uploaded soon. Thanks to all my readers.

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